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When Fun is the only intended outcome...

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

On a sunny afternoon we sat by the side of the glass wall at Huegah discussing how to add colours to the plain white walls which was painted with waterproof paint. We wanted to have the walls in Huegah to be a giant canvas for people to scribble, doodle and explore one's inner-self.

It all started with just helping Reddy find artists who could help Mia, (our artist) bring the space to life. Though a little disheartened we couldn't find anyone, we knew Mia's magic was more than we could ever ask for; but I was way too excited that without second thought, offered to help out, not knowing what's coming my way.

The next day, I met Mia outside Huegah and we straight away set out to buy our art supplies. In about 2 hours we had everything we needed. On our way back I asked Mia what she's painting, and she was like, let's just have some land and water and the galaxy and stars and lots of mystical flora and fauna, just like a mystical world which has a different story for everyone, every time. I was already in awe, I just couldn't wait for her to start.

We were back at Huegah. Happy that I did my bit, I just stared at the plain white wall which was soon to be transformed, while she spread newspapers on the floor and opened paint bottles. Interrupting my final look at the wall, Mia handed me one of the paint brush saying she'll start with the blues from one side and I start the browns from the other side. I went blank, was clueless what to do, I wasn't planning on painting with her, there has been some miscommunication, and yet I held onto the brush, dipped into the brown paint and tried a few doubtful strokes. Mia was completely engrossed in her work, she never bothered to see if I was doing right. I liked how it all made me feel, still clueless of what I was doing, I kept going. Slowly I saw what was happening, I knew what I was doing. In the long brown strokes and swirls of blues, we lost track of time and it was already 8 hours into the painting when we took our first break. We had played around with the colors for so long - the most magical 8 hours I have experienced so far.

As the days passed, though I couldn't paint alongside Mia, we left each other surprises on the wall, more elements and characters came alive each day giving life to the space at Huegah. The times spent on the painting, I was free, I was at play.

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