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About Us

About Us

Ever thought of an idea where people of all ages  could come under the same roof and connect through the simple act of 'playing'? Yes, 'Huegah-Life' has already put this into reality! 

"Play is our brain's favorite  way to learn". Our games and activities are designed such that it passes the necessary message and creates an impact on the focused fraternity of people. From workshops for children to practicing brainstorming fun games for a crowd of adults, we focus on the betterment of the society where people can come together and get enriched with a happy and playful experience.


Amidst the busy work life that most people are acquainted with, Huegah-Life poses a 'happy place' for people as a reminder to encompass the simple bliss of life by the very act of playing. It's never too old or young for anyone to play. This world of games that we have tried to build is something that people are missing out in everyday life.


Through the trail of playing together we aim to build relations, shape young minds and help people overcome their insecurities. No verbal motivational sessions or counselling sessions bear the key practices of Huegah-Life -It is an arena of a variety of games for all age groups, an establishment worth exploring.

The Huegah Life Team

Reddy Venkatesh

Founder | Play Practitioner

A certified Play Practitioner from University of Sheffield, his last stint was with Bank of America as VP - CyberSecurity in Singapore. He returned after a decade long stay there to spend the rest of his life into the world of 'Play' 

After 15yrs of IT experience, Huegah Life is now his full-time Playground

His Love for Play and creating happy moments resulted in large collection of a variety of toys which is at Huegah now.

Reddy loves being around kids and can connect with people of all ages. He strives to revive the Inter-Generational play for betterment of next generation.

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Bhumi Samarpan

Dance Movement Therapist  

NLP Practitioner

Bhumi has done extensive work with adults and children using Dance Movement Therapy. Her playful streak adds flair to the journey of turning inward while working with individuals of all age groups. She is a certified NLP Practitioner and works with Learning and Development team in an IT company.

She brings onboard a wealth of experience in holistic wellbeing of a human mind body and soul. 

Zyrah Pallan

 Play Practitioner

Zyrah - 'Moana of the Land' hails from Cochin loves adventure and venturing into the unknown. She cannot leave any game unfinished and hates losing to anyone!

She's the go-getter with the right attitude to learn makes her the only one on this planet. Her addiction sugar is only second to the passion for Play! 

She takes Play very serious with the zeal to gamify anything forms the soul of Huegah Life. There's no word called Impossible in Zyrah's dictionary of Life. 

Suprriya Das

Dancer | Play Practitioner

Supriya is an amazing dancer with a sweet voice. Her love for children along with the zeal to perfection makes her most popular among the neighbourhood kids. 

She is a certified Zumba Instructor and works in a well reputed product company.

Her proactiveness with a systematic approach to make a difference to little souls is the most valuable contribution in Huegah Life's endeavours.

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