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Building Resilience and Self-esteem in Children

I woke up to a phone call from my friend who yelled on the other end - Have you ever read the book ‘A Child Called It’ by Dave Pelzer? If not, just take a few hours out of your busy schedule to read it. I did manage to get hold of the book after a little searching around in few book store. It is a story about resilience, about a kid who decided that he will not quit. A story, which highlights the importance of raising strong willed children. All kids are capable of doing extraordinary things, things even you may not have imagined your child do. All that is needed is for you to believe in your child’s abilities. Your child too can do wonders with his/her acts, words or even ideas if he/she has a feeling of self-worth.

You might be wondering how and why these two silly words have such a great impact on your kids or if it can be learned by a child, like his usual lessons? Let’s clear all your doubts regarding this, starting from the basics – the meaning.

Resilience can be defined as the ability to withstand or recover from difficult situations. It is simply the ability to get back up when you fall. Since, life doesn’t work the same way for everyone, everybody has to go through the trial and error phases at every point of their lives and see how it works for them and when that’s the case, it is necessary that you keep trying till you find what clicks. And so, I think that safely establishes my point that, it is needed if one decides to progress in life.

Childhood is often depicted as the most carefree period. But one must realize the fact that children can be asked to deal with problems too, ranging from adapting to a new classroom to being bullied by classmates or even abuse at home which at that age is not only difficult but also acts as precursors to behavioral issues later on in life. The ability to thrive despite these challenges arises from the skills of resilience.

Once children master the skill of resilience, it automatically inculcates self-esteem in them.

Each day of your lives make deposits in the memory banks of our children. So setting a good example and telling children to be proud of every bit of themselves makes a whole lot of difference. Let your child grow up with strong roots and wings and conquer their world.

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